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Supports For Counters or Tables

Great Selection of Supports For Counters or Tables

All Cabinet Parts offers a wide variety of supports for many different applications. The most common use is supports for counters or tables. Believe us that is not all you can use them for.  Hold up a floating vanity.  Possibly just a simple counter top.  Change up furniture by giving them a very modern look with metal legs.  We even offer rustic brackets for rough cut lumber generally used as a fireplace mantle.  There are many styles to choose from.  Your imagination may be the only limit to what you can use the brackets for.  New to the line up is corner bench supports for the shower or sauna.  Perfect for a wet or damp environment.  Made from stainless steel they will not rust.  Don’t be afraid to use them outside if you have a need.  They are a great choice.  No finishing required!